Tyred Eyes - Destroy Everything You 12" LP
Tyred Eyes - Destroy Everything You 12" LP
Tyred Eyes - Destroy Everything You 12" LP

Tyred Eyes - Destroy Everything You 12" LP

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Gatefold Vinyl
Black 250 copies
Release April 5th 2019

The 2019 album Destroy Everything You by Tyred Eyes is the first album the group release since a close friend of the band committed suicide in 2014. With the new album, Tyred Eyes want to explain what happened, but also themselves seek answers to what drove their friend to suicide.

The band themselves explains the album Destroy Everything You:

There is never a single answer to why someone decides to end their life, but we want this album to at least ask the question: how could it have gotten so far? The songs on the album are independent works, with their own raison d'être, and they each depict different thoughts and stories of what happened. Put together on the album, they create the mutual context. Like cards in a deck the songs are individual keystrokes into the tragedy 5 years ago, and by putting these cards on the table we want to tell the story through our perspective. Furthermore, this album is a possibility for us to move on, a closure to our mourning process, even though the memory of our dear friend will live on forever.

The new album Destroy Everything You was recorded in Welfare Sounds Studios in Gothenburg.
Longtime collaborators Olle Björk and Per Stålberg have produced the new material working closely with the band during multiple sessions spanning back to 2016. The long time span since the first sessions, along with a determined songwriting process has resulted in an album that leaves nothing to chance.

Reaching for a new sound and a development in musical style has been a constant signum for Tyred Eyes. Started as a garage punk trio by brothers Martin T Sahlin (guitar and vocals) and Erik Toresson Hellqvist (bass) in Gothenburg in 2009, the band has gone through various transitions. Guitarist
and lead vocalist Johanna Hellqvist joined in 2011, and
drummer Joel Bjurbo has been a reliable backbone to the band since 2012. With the inclusion of third guitarist, vocalist and nowadays principal songwriter Oscar Brask in 2014, the musical spectrum of the resurfaced Tyred Eyes has widened once again.