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It’s the 2020’s and the thick-headed individuals that constitute We Live In Trenches have come to terms with their midlife crisis and have now resorted to fight tooth and nail to spread their analysis of the world to the unwilling masses. It’s a broken merry-go-round that have existed since 2007. During this time they’ve felt compelled, despite being told otherwise, that fusing  with the most unlistenable recorded efforts of  is a great idea. On their debut, , as well as with their sophomore album , they had their hands deep into the cookie jar looking for noisy crumbles. Now, years later, they’re still stuck.

The 4-track flogged horse ’Dead Class’ EP is the perfect soundtrack to the day that the dishwasher broke and to ruin the day even further you decided to fix it yourself. It’s agonizing and you reach deep into your vocabulary to find the perfect curse word but all you could find is ”shit”. Imagine cross-pollinating ' ”” with the monotonous roar of a laundromat. As grey as a weekday can be there’s no filter in the world that can polish your low-res life. So because you hate yourself you put on ’Dead Class’ EP. Simple.

We Live In Trenches carry the same gonzo-DNA like  or  and they continue to torture their surroundings with all things primal. They call it ”idiot rock”. I won’t argue with them.

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